I don’t know when, I don’t know how

But I know somethin’s starting right now

Watch and you’ll see, someday I’ll be 

Part of your world 

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It’s not always love at first sight

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Life Lessons from Princesses by Jerrod Maruyama

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Disney Princesses + saying “I love you”

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Rapunzel and Anna's Hair Parallels

requested by: anonymous

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Disney Ladies + Fighting/Defense
(sorry if your favorites aren’t included or that I missed one)

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sorry for reblogging it again but


sorry for reblogging it again but

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there are only 3 flawless bitches in the disney fandom 





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khaleesinymeria whispered, "thoughts on big hero 6 so far?"

I was originally really excited about it, although I had my reservations because it didn’t seem very keen on female representation. But then the teaser premiered and I was SO DISAPPOINTED. I did not enjoy the teaser at all, but I had (and still have) hope that the movie will be better than the teaser. I saw the first trailer this past Saturday and there are no words to explain my disappointment. I very much hope that the full-length film is better than these bits they’re showing us.

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Anna logic

I just love that she saw her sister had a thing about gloves, and respected it and accepted it as a thing, no questions asked, no teasing. Anna is a perfect person.

Anna is they perfect person! :3

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Can we appreciate John Smith here for a second? He’s so into it.


Can we appreciate John Smith here for a second? He’s so into it.

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Will this about cover it? This should cover it just fine, Lottie!

I just love Lottie’s adorable little jump here!!!

I love how Tiana was never too proud to accept help from friends, and the movie didn’t show this as making her any less hard working or devoted. I think that’s an important lesson.

Similarly, Lottie was always giving and loving, even though she was by all counts supposedly a spoiled brat. This is truly one of my favorite Disney friendships.

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disney heroes/heroines + defying cynics and finding good in the world

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Love for Anna — Hans vs. Kristoff — requested by hafanforever

  • Swinging her around - I gifed this bit a long time ago, saying that there was a difference in Anna’s reaction to it, but you can also see that Hans comes up from her from behind, while Kristoff tackle-bearhugs and twirls her several times!
  • Picking her up/setting her down - It looks like Hans wants to get it over with and plops her down on the couch right away, plus he does it sorta harshly; Kristoff just keeps clinging to her and lowers her gently.
  • The kiss - Duh, Hans stops short, but he caresses Anna’s cheek for a second and her chin only by the fingers, he does let go a bit forcefully (the script says this towards the end of the scene: "He bends down, takes her chin in his hand again, this time
    not so gently.”); on the other hand, Kristoff’s hand remains on her cheek for a bit longer, then they have a nice warm hug!

I really fucking hate the way Hans puts his fingers under her chin and and lifts her head up

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